Special Offers

An ancient legend tells the story of Venus who was born from the sparkling foam of the sea’s waves. the Diadema or Tiara that adorned her, broke and formed the many islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Diadema is a cosmetic artisan laboratory that was born from the ideological dreams of two Tuscan pharmacists. Their wish was to create uniquely exclusive products with all natural ingredients. Their philosophy is based purely on artisan methods of working, knowledge and passion. This drives them to create ethical products of the highest quality and integrity.

They are all delicate formulas made using carefully chosen base ingredients; these have been mixed with perfumes that recall the fragrances of the local Tuscan coast.

Every product is microbiologically and dermatologically tested to guarantee the highest safety and tolerance levels. The result is an elegant and exclusive made in Italy range.
"Diadema" Italian Beauty